Short Courses

Summer and Winter School Programmes


The University of the Western Cape School of Public Health is proud to present the 38th short course school in a series of Winter and Summer Schools held at UWC since 1992. These courses expose health and health-related workers to the latest thinking in Public Health and enable them to discuss and exchange ideas on improved planning and implementation of Primary Health Care in the changing environment of the developing world. To date, some 12,000 participants, mainly nurses and middle level managers have attended these courses, from all over South Africa and many other African countries. As many of these courses are also used as the teaching blocks of the UWC Master of Public Health degree, the highest academic and practical standards are maintained.

The cost of courses is kept to an absolute minimum, to allow for the fullest participation.

Courses offer health workers exposure to the latest thinking in Public Health and opportunities to extend their own knowledge and skills in the field. In addition, health and welfare professionals were able to exchange ideas relevant to health services. In addition there has been a significant attendance by academics and postgraduate students from our own and from sister institutions.

Summer School Programme 

Summer School Programmes are aimed at our Postgraduate students only at this stage. These short courses provide introductory blocks for the core study modules in the postgraduate qualifications, as well as a general orientation to academic study, distance learning and information literacy.

Since students in the SOPH qualifications undertake their studies at a distance, we encourage those who can afford the time, accommodation and travel expenses to attend and take advantage of the opportunity for participatory learning, interacting with colleagues in the field and debate. Courses continue to make use of interactive, problem-based learning methodologies.

Students find demonstrable value in attending these teaching blocks, and many have noted that their attendance had a significant contribution to their success, and so we encourage students to attend whenever they can, even if it just once in their student career.  


Winter School Programme

One week courses are offered over three weeks in parallel sessions by experts in their fields. The programme is circulated by April, and bookings are taken on a first come first served basis, as the courses are often over-subscribed.

Courses are open to students registered in the SOPH Postgraduate Programme, health workers from the health and social services and the general public. Over the years, at least 12 000 participants, mainly nurses and middle level managers from all over South Africa and from many other African countries, have attended these professional development courses. Many participants have been sent by a health authority, an important indication that the services place value on our training courses. ‚Äč



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